Library & Archives Staff

Library Administration
Heather Saunders Director of Ingalls Library t: 2167072538
Reference & Circulation
Louis Adrean Head, Research and Programs t: 2167072533
Beverly Essinger Circulation Assistant t: 2167072531
Matthew Gengler Head, Access Services t: 2167076678
Beth Owens Research and Scholarly Communications Librarian t: 2167072532
Josh Sulser Circulation Assistant t: 2167072531
Saywrane Williams Circulation Assistant t: 2167072531
Technical Services
Ariella Har-Even Technical Services and Administrative Assistant t: 2167072670
Tanya Keaton Processing Assistant t: 2167076722
Rachel McPherson Digital Projects Librarian t: 2167072684
Marsha Morrow Collection Development and Management Services Assistant t: 2167072536
Erin Pond Serials and Electronic Resources Assistant t: 2167072560
Jason Schafer Serials and Electronic Resources Librarian t: 2167072550
Stacie Murry Cataloging and Reference Assistant t: 2167072556
Anne Trenholme Acquisitions and Collection Development Librarian t: 2167072557
Museum Archives
Peter Buettner Archives Assistant t: 2167072531
Leslie Cade Director Museum Archives t: 2167072492
Susan Hernandez Digital Archivist and Systems Librarian t: 2167072660