C is for Classics, Costumes and Curatorship....

Submitted by Jane Kirkland on

Welcome to the third installment of the electronic journals spotlight series! In keeping with our commitment to providing first-class research materials, the library continues to expand its collection of electronic journals, accessible via the E-Journals A-Z list on the library's homepage. This month we'll be visiting the C's, which contain a diverse assortment of scholarly materials, from classics to costumes to curatorship...

For the students of classics, Classical Antiquity and Classical Review explore the major issues in this field, including Greek and Roman literature, history, art, archaeology and philosophy. Classical World has one of the largest circulations of scholarly journals in the field of classics and is a new addition to the Ingalls Library e-journal collection.

Costume, the journal of the Costume Society of Great Britain, is a scholarly, refereed publication presenting current research into historic and contemporary dress. A fun and informative read, don't miss such articles as "Uneasy Heads: Difficulties in Royal Hats" (June 2013 issue), a study of two hundred years of British royal hats, or "Decorative Dashes: Disrobing the Practice of Streaking" (June 2012), a look at dress (or the lack of it) in sporting events.

"Written by museum professionals for museum professionals", Curator: The Museum Journal explores the latest issues, practices, and policies in museum administration, research, exhibition development, visitor studies, conservation, education and collection management. From what motivates volunteers to give their time to museums (July 2011) to how young children learn to appreciate art and understand the purposes of a museum (October 2013), Curator has something for everyone. And be sure to check out "Yoga: The Art of Transformation at the Sackler Gallery" (July 2014).

Check out the big list online, and I’ll see you next month for a visit to the letter D!