Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy - 95 years ago at the museum

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Ninety-five years ago, on August 6 of 1919, the exhibition “Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy lent by Mrs. Florence Ayscough” closed at the Cleveland Museum of Art.  According to the CMA bulletin the exhibition was an interesting group of modern Chinese paintings accompanied by poems which they have inspired.  Florence Ayscough (1878-1942) was a scholar particularly known for her translations of Chinese poets such as Tu Fu. A British citizen, Ayscough spent much of her time in Shanghai.  Beyond her scholarship she was also interested in art collecting and photography.

To learn more about Florence Ayscough check out Knowledge is Pleasure: Florence Ayscough in Shanghai by Lindsay Shen (2012).  The book paints a detailed picture of life in Shanghai and draws on many sources, including correspondence and photographs from the Cleveland Museum of Art Archives.