Cleveland Museum of Teds

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If you didn't act quickly, you probably missed out on tickets to TEDxCLE in the museum's Gartner Auditorium. The event is so popular that the talks are simulcast in the museum's lecture halls. TED, which stands for Technology Education and Design, is an annual international conference of ideas. The TEDx franchise is an extension of TED at a local level. Hence we have TEDxCLE. Now you know to buy tickets early next year. In the meantime, the Cleveland Museum of Teds is open and tickets are free. Our tour of Teds starts in Gallery 105, in the lower level of the 1916 building. There you will find the Enkolpion with the Crucifixion and Saints Theodore and George, 1080-1120

Saint Theodore stands at left with shield and spear. He is in better health here than after his martyrdom, wherein he was thrown into a furnace. The object is a medallion worn about the neck by a Greek Orthodox Bishop. Our next stop is only a few steps away, in gallery 101, the prints and drawings special exhibition space. There Fighting Horses by Théodore Géricault is hung with Treasures on Paper from the Collection of the Cleveland Museum of Art.

As a light sensitive work, the opportunity to see this watercolour must not be missed. But the tour must gallop on to the east wing and gallery 221 where a trio of Teds awaits. The decorative art gallery in the East Wing is a reference desk favorite. Here you will find a magnificent golden yellow earthenware plate by Theodore Deck ringed with morning glories.

Adjacent to this plate is a silver vase by Theodore B. Starr supported by the delicate flower stems of its base. The pair compliment each other well. But the third Ted, the covered jar by Theodorus A.C. Colenbrander breaks up the bouquet with its abstract decoration. The tall shape of the jar might fit more comfortably alongside our final stop in the tour gallery 226, where we find Theodore Roszak's White and Steel Polars, 1945The space age design of the sculpture is a fitting end to the TED tour.