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E is for Earlier Times...

Submitted by Jane Kirkland on

Welcome to the next installment of the electronic journals spotlight series! In keeping with our commitment to providing first-class research materials, the library continues to expand its collection of electronic journals, accessible via the E-Journals A-Z list on the library's homepage. This month we'll be visiting the E's, with a focus on earlier times…

Two electronic journals in this section focus on the East. Early China, published by the Society for the Study of Early China, publishes original research on all aspects of the culture and civilization of China from earliest times through the Han dynasty period. The journal is interdisciplinary in scope, including articles on Chinese archaeology, history, philosophy, religion, literature and paleography. The library offers access to all volumes, beginning with volume 1 (1975) to the most current.

Early Medieval China, the journal of the Early Medieval China Group, is dedicated to the period between the end of the Han and the beginning of the Tang eras (ca. 220-589). Also interdisciplinary in scope, it explores all aspects of Chinese history, literature, society, religion and thought, including art and archaeology.

Moving westward we come to another journal focusing on pre-modern times: Etruscan Studies. Published by the Etruscan Foundation, Etruscan Studies is the leading scholarly publication on Etruscology and Italic Studies in the English language. It details activities in all areas of research and study related to the Etruscan and pre-Roman civilizations.

And finally, moving a little closer to the present day, we arrive at Eighteenth-Century Studies, the official publication of the American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies. Focusing on all aspects of 18th century history and culture, this journal explores how recent critical and theoretical ideas have engaged scholars concerned with this time period. Readers of the Chinese studies journals above might be particularly interested in a special issue published in Winter 2014 (vol. 47 no. 2) titled “Eighteenth-Century Easts and Wests”.

 Check out the big list online, and I’ll see you next month for a visit to the letter F!