Ex Libris: Gustave Larroumet

Submitted by Matthew Gengler on

The Ingalls Library contains a vast hidden collection of personal bookplates, uncataloged and unknown. These ex libris reside in the books in the library stacks, evidence of the remarkable provenance of the collection, waiting to be discovered by the curious patron.

For lack of a better term, this is a posthumous ex-libris. Librairie Dorbon Aine commisioned this label and glued it into the book collection of Gustave Larroumet upon his death. The historian and former Secrataire perpetuil de l'Academie des Beaux-Arts, authored numerous volumes on art and literature. No less than four roads are named in his honor, and his bust is in both the Palais de Royal and the Musee de Beaux-Arts d'Angers, while a portrait of him dressed in his robes of the Sorbonne hangs in the city hall of Gourdon, where he was born. He was Commander of the Legion of Honour and Knight of the Order of Academic Palms, all before the age of fifty, when he died. This bookplate is signed on the plate by Albert Robida, a fascinating author and artist in his own right. Essentially an advertisement and a mark of provenance, the plate is pasted to the exquisitely marbled endpages of the library's copy of Terres cuites grecques, photographiées d’après les originaux des collections privées de France et des musées d’Athènes by August-Georges-Charles Cartault.