Hidden Magazine Rack Spotlight: Cornucopia & Bidoun

Submitted by Linda Ayala on

While Cornucopia is not exactly in hibernation, it has lessened in frequency that I worry it may cease altogether. Many other great magazines have faded away in such a manner. One or two issues of Cornucopia are published a year, but there are so many topics covered that I would love to see it as a monthly magazine. Antiquities, current exhibitions, book reviews, history, travel, recipes and more, fill its pages. Even the ads are lovely (I’m looking at you Yastik). Visit Cornucopia’s website and blog for updated news and posts in between issues.

Bidoun was published irregularly, then twice a year until it was suspended in 2013. I am hopeful it will resume someday. Every densely packed issue revolves around a theme. Topics such as failure, technology, and sports are examined in a variety of ways. Among exhibition announcements and reviews lies insightful, often heavy, essays. Although further issues of Bidoun are no longer published, the organization is active on social media, with a variety of projects, and occasional news on their website. The library doesn’t have a complete run, but issues can be accessed through their website as well.