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Ingalls Library Digest: New Resources, New Names, New Yorker

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Welcome to the Ingalls Library Digest, the number one source for news you can use regarding the museum's library and archives.

Lugt’s Les Marques de Collections de Dessins & d’Estampes

A freely available database of collectors marks, including stamped and written marks of private and public collections, marks used by dealers, printers, publishers, engravers, mounters and studios. 

Getty Provenance Index

The Getty Provenance Index® databases currently contain 1.5 million records taken from source material such as archival inventories, auction catalogs, and dealer stock books.

Art Sales Index (Blouin)

Blouin Art Sales Index provides access to over 4.6 million entries for fine art sold at auction. It contains art auction records for over 350 auction houses worldwide and offers pricing data from 1922 to the present. 

Union List of Artists Names (ULAN)

The Getty's Union List of Artist Names or ULAN is a structured vocabulary that includes almost 300,000 name entries, including a wealth of variant names, pseudonyms, and language variants. Each entry includes biographical and bibliographic information.

CLARA : Database of Women Artists

Clara is a unique interactive database created at the National Museum of Women in the Arts. It contains authoritative information on 18,000 women visual artists of all time periods and nationalities. The information in Clara® is drawn from the materials in NMWA's extensive Archives on Women Artists.

Contemporary Culture Index

A freely available index of art periodicals, alternative press journals and non-Western periodicals not indexed in existing databases. Ccindex also indexes small and influential publications that are no longer published, especially those originating from artists or cultural producers.
Contemporary Culture Index is updated daily. Bibliographic records provide links to resources where articles and texts can either be located or downloaded.

Archives Directory for the History of Collecting in America

The Archives Directory for the History of Collecting is a pioneering resource created to help researchers locate primary source material about American art collectors, dealers, agents and advisors, and the repositories that hold these records. The database is a work in progress that is regularly updated with information contributed by both institutions and individuals.

AAT: Art & Architecture Thesaurus Online

The AAT is a structured vocabulary of more than 125,000 terms, scope notes, and other information for describing fine art, architecture, decorative arts, archival materials, and material culture.

New Yorker Online Archive

Now available for business or pleasure is the complete digitized collection of New Yorker magazines going back to 1925. Accessable via password from the electronic resources list, patrons are welcome to pretend to read the articles and really just look at the comics. 

ArtFact is Now Invaluable 

The providor of ArtFact recently informed us that the service would henceforth be called Invaluable.  

Artists' Signatures

Artists' Signatures is a collection of hand-copied signatures that can be searched by artists' name, initials or monograms. The database incorporates the contents of all ten of John Castagno's books as well as additional unprinted research.