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Hidden Magazine Rack Spotlight: Geijutsu Shinchō

Submitted by Linda Ayala on

Can a magazine be everything to everyone? Sure, if it’s Geijutsu Shinchō.

The subjects covered in each issue of this magazine are always surprising. One issue could have you exploring calligraphy before jumping to contemporary art, then switching you to exotic culinary dishes. On one page you might be visiting 15th century painting before taking a sharp turn into exhibition reviews. Another issue may keep you enthralled in copious pages on Botticelli before diving right into Anime. But don’t worry, there is a small article on matcha tea for a calming effect before the next surprise. Geijutsu Shinchō would be an exuberant and excellent candidate for a permanent spot on our magazine shelves, but its inconsistent arrival keeps us a bit behind. All articles are in Japanese with the occasional sprinkling of English in titles or citations. The library’s holdings go back to 1972. That's over thirty esoteric years of this fascinating magazine.