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Magazine Rack: Curatorial Publications and Objects in Print

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The Ingalls Library collection includes approximately 1,200 currently received periodical titles. That is quite simply, an overwhelming number. This ongoing series features articles that discuss objects included in the museum’s collection of more than 46,000 objects, as well as articles written by museum staff members. Additionally, articles about the museum, its history and activities are noted. New to this feature will be updates on title changes to the Recent Acquisitions area as well as the “Hidden Magazine Rack”: notable titles that do not have a coveted spot in Recent Acquisitions.

The February Issue of Artforum features a review by Beau Rutland, Assistant Curator of Contemporary Art, of Sturtevant: Double Trouble at the Museum of Modern Art, New York. The review, like the exhibition, traces the history of the artist and the many misconceptions of her artwork, and serves as a thoughtful introduction to the work of this fascinatingly complicated artist. As Rutland suggests, this exhibtiion, "punctures the long-standing mythology enshrouding her practice with a fine toothed comb." Indeed.

The December issue of Arte Dossier features an article titled, "Le Sfide Del Grande Trasfiguratore," which discusses the work of Picasso. La Vie, the museum's blue period painting by the artist, is featured. As is common for this iconic work, it is also featured in the February issue of Beaux Arts, in an article titled, "Avec le Bleu un histoire qui dure." The themed issue focuses on the power of color, though articles on the horrific attacks at the offices of Charlie Hebdo are also featured.   

The museum's current photography exhibition, Constructed Identities is reviewed in the February issue of Art & AntiquesThe review titled,"I.D. Please," offers useful perspective and insight into the photographs, as the author writes, "Just looking at the images won't help much to clarify how the identities therein were constructed. In order to do that, we need to know the backstories-where, how, and why the photographs were made, or in many instances, found or compiled- and curator Barabara Tannenbaum has taken care to provide them." The show is on view through April. 

The Winter issue of Tribal Art includes a preview of the museum's current major exhibition Senufo: Art and Identity in West Africa. Photographs of several museum objects are illustrated, including a horned Senufo helmet. The preview hints at the groundbreaking nature of the exhibition, and the manner in which it re-defines the Senufo corpus. An article focusing on the exhibition will follow in the next issue of the magazine. 

The museum's Buddhist painting, Eleven-headed, Thousand-armed Avalokiteshvara, is the focus of an article in the January/February issue of Orientations. The artcle notes that the object is featured in the exhibtion Collecting Paradise: Buddhist Art of Kasmir and Its Legacies

The January issue of the Burlington Magazine includes an article discussing a newly discovered work by the artist Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne. The museum's Portrait Bust of Mademoiselle de Vandeul is included as a rare example of the artist's work featuring an inscription or signature.  

Julia Wachtel, subject of a retrospective exhibition this past year at the museum's satellite gallery Transformer Station, is discussed in an article in ModernPainters. Installation views of the exhibition are included, featuring the landscape wall with images of Tiananmen Square and the Chernobyl Disaster contrasted with garish cartoon characters. The exhibition is also reviewed in the winter issue of Flash Artwith the artist's Miley Cyrus painting illustrated. 

Look for the red flagged magazines on the racks in recent acquisitions to find these articles.