Penny Postcards: Rock On, Plymouth Rock

Submitted by Christine Edmonson on

At the north end of the reference collection, humbly housed in beige cabinets, rest thousands of postcards.  These penny postcard images, sent as modern novelties, carry messages of well being and adventure.  In this series we follow our intrepid traveler from city to city on a world tour.

Plymouth Rock was identified by Elder Thomas Faunce in 1714.  Carried to the shore by chair in his 94th year, Faunce wept at his presumed last sight of the 1620 landing.  Noting that the original Pilgrims landed near modern Provincetown before moving to Plymouth, one can discover that the Rock has a checkered past of moving bits and resting places! Our traveler sends best wishes with this postcard circa 1925-30 showing the rock at sea level inside a tide-washed pavilion designed by McKim, Mead and White in 1920. There are even poems about Plymouth Rock -- I like this one.  

Happy Thanksgiving eveyone, be safe and have a laugh!