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Celebrating Ohio winter holidays wouldn't be the same without snow, so what better image to share in December than Yamamoto Shōun's delightful Children Playing: Snowman? Look at these adorable children, rolling snow, blowing on their fingers, and creating their snowman with big eyes and a stick mouth! The baby perched shoulder high dangles a toy, as two others behind him roll a giant ball of snow into shape. The Japanese patterns on their clothing really catch the viewer's eye, as do the expressions on their faces. Far back on a snow-covered hill a group of children play a 'capture the flag' game, chased by two charming little dogs -- everyone is having fun in this wintry landscape!

Yamamoto Shōun (1870-1965) moved to Tokyo at the tender age of 17, studying Nanga painting with Taki Katei. His career began as an illustrator for Fugoku gaho, a pictorial magazine illustrating the sights of Tokyo, and was noted for his images of beautiful women and humerous sikishiban.