CMA Exhibition History

The CMA exhibition history maintained by the Archives is new and improved. The history, which used to be a collection of 91 individual web pages arranged by year, is now a searchable database. Where staff and researchers used to have to know the year of an exhibition to find the full title and dates, they can now search by an exhibition title keyword. The searchable database also allows a way to collect all exhibitions on a certain topic, such as Picasso or bronzes, provided that the topic is in the title.

San Francisco by Brett Weston

On our recent acquisitions shelf, we have a large, almost folio sized, book of photos by Brett Weston. The collection is vivid, though short. In only ten images, the photographer captures San Francisco from 1935-1939. A looming Golden Gate Bridge only recently opened, dusk over Ghirardeli Square with Alcatraz in the background, all beneath the ever present California sky. The afterward by Roger Aiken is insightful, relaying the relevant bits of Weston's story.

Cuba by Korda

Newly acquired by the Library is this fascinating book on the Cuban photographer Alberto Korda, titled Cuba by Korda.  The images and accompanying text document his transition from studio fashion work to Fidel Castro's official photographer.  As evidenced by the cover image, Korda is the photographer of the famous picture of Che Guevara, on teeshirts worldwide.  The account of how he came to take the photo is recounted here as well.  TR654 .K653 2006

Redford and Graves

Hidden in plain sight in the reference collection is George Redford's Art Sales, N8675 .R4 V.1-2. Or if you like long full titles that tell you exactly what something is, Art sales. A history of sales of pictures and other works of art. With notices of the collections sold, names of owners, titles of pictures, prices and purchasers, arranged under the artists of the different schools in order of date. Including the purchases and prices of pictures for the National Gallery.