National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage (Korea)*

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The National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage (NRICH), the only organization of its kind in Korea,carries out research, surveys and development projects for the proper recognition, conservation and usage of the nation’s cultural treasures. Since the NRICH was established in 1969 as a division of the now-defunct Bureau of Cultural Heritage Administration, cultural heritage research has grown highly specialized and NRICH currently haS some 350 researchers working in the divisions of Archaeology, Artistic Heritage, Architectural Heritage, Intangible Cultural Heritage, Natural Heritage, and Conservation Science.The main function of the NRICH is to conduct at state level research, excavation and survey, and conservation and restoration projects that are beyond the capabilities of university research teams or other organizations. Some of the projects NRICH has undertaken include publication of a biographical dictionary of Korean painters and calligraphers and a dictionary of archaeology, and research on standard categorization of Baekje earthenware.