Object:Photo. Modern Photographs: The Thomas Walther Collection

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"The Museum of Modern Art announces Object:Photo. Modern Photographs: The Thomas Walther Collection 1909–1949, the result of a four-year collaborative project between the Museum’s departments of Photography and Conservation, with the participation of over two dozen leading international photography scholars and conservators, making it the most extensive effort to integrate conservation, curatorial, and scholarly research efforts on photography to date. The project is composed of multiple parts: a website that features a suite of digital-visualization research tools that allow visitors to explore the collection, make queries, and discover connections themselves, supported by in-depth information on each photograph and an anthology of essays by scholars on selected themes and pictures; a hard-bound paper catalogue of the entire Thomas Walther collection, with extensive scholarly contributions; an interdisciplinary symposium focusing on ways in which the digital age is changing our engagement with historic photographs; and a related exhibitionof works from the Thomas Walther Collection, which is the first full presentation of this remarkable collection."