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Name Also Known As Born Diedsort ascending
Grant, Mabel S.
  • Grant, Mabel
Bennett, Lillie W. T.
  • Bennett, Lillie W.T.
  • Bennett, Lillie W.
  • Bennett, Lillie
Von John, Paul
  • John, Paul von
Huryn, Rebecca A.
  • Huryn, Rebecca
Greenwold, Mark A.
  • Greenwold, Mark
Kinder, Harold A.
  • Kinder, Harold
Ivanevich, Agripina  
Smith, Drew H.
  • Smith, Drew
Kiss, Irene  
McHale, Jerome   1957
Bjel, Diane J.
  • Bjel, Diane
  • Bjel, Diana J.
  • Bjel, Diana
Cleveland Society for the Blind
  • Society for the Blind
Dadante, Michael  
Richey, Heather
  • Richey, Heather Jean
Fronstin, Miriam  
McWhorter, Jack   1950
Archbold, Geoffrey  
Roberts, Sydney  
Cuyler, W. Kenneth
  • Cuyler, Kenneth
  • Cuyler, W.
Noel, Edward B.
  • Noel, Edward
Wiemer, Ulli-Hans G.
  • Wiemer, Ulli-Hans
  • Wiemer, Ulli Hans
Haukler, Henning  
Ochi, Ellen Akiko
  • Ochi, Ellen
  • Ochi, Ellen A.
Bair, David Alan
  • Bair, David A.
  • Bair, David
Williamson, Roberta
  • Williamson, Roberta A.
  • Williamson, Roberta Ann