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Name Also Known As Bornsort descending Died
Bloch, Shirley Nettie
  • Bloch, Shirley N.
  • Bloch, Shirley
  • Spitalny, Mrs. Samuel
Safford, Harriet E.
  • Safford, Harriet
  • Hetman, Harriet Safford
  • Hetman, Mrs. Harry H.
Perton, Irwin  
McMillen, Dale  
Zutt, Louise M.
  • Zutt, Louise
Friedenthal, B.  
Tucker, Alan  
Meyer, Melvin Edward
  • Meyer, Melvin E.
  • Meyer, Melvin
  • Meyer, M. E.
Kurz, Carl
  • Kurz, C.
  • Kurz, C.H.
  • Kurz, C. H.
Shawkey, Irene  
Darvas, David  
Lang, Andrew A.
  • Lang, Andrew
Aldridge, Richard M.  
De Marco, Marco
  • DeMarco, Marco
Brown, Donald John
  • Brown, Donald J.
  • Brown, Donald
  • Brown, Don
Hunter, Thomas
  • Hunter, Tom
Rainbow Hospital for Crippled and Convalescent Children
  • Rainbow Hospital
  • Rainbow Hospital for Crippled Children
Irvin and Company, Inc.  
Reed, Roberta M.
  • Reed, Roberta
Waltz, Olivette K.
  • Waltz, Olivette
Gould, Russell Lamb
  • Gould, Russell L.
  • Gould, Russell
Musiychuk, Alexander B.
  • Musiychuk, Alexander
Watson, Louise Weber
  • Watson, Louise W.
  • Watson, Louise
  • Weber, Louise
B. W. China Company
  • B.W. China Company
  • B. W. China Co.
  • B.W. China Co.
Green, Kenneth