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Namesort ascending Also Known As Born Died
Babak, James  
B. W. China Company
  • B.W. China Company
  • B. W. China Co.
  • B.W. China Co.
B. L. Marble Chair Co.
  • Marble Chair Co.
  • Marble Imperial Furniture Co.
  • B.L. Marble Chair Co.
Azzarello, Brian Joseph
  • Azzarello, Brian J.
  • Azzarello, Brian
Ayars, Margaret T.
  • Ayars, Margaret
Ayars, Alice A.
  • Ayars, Alice
  • Ayers, Alice
1895 1946
Ayar Studios  
Axel, Edwin  
Averill, Nadine
  • Schreckengost, D. Nadine
  • Schreckengost, Nadine
  • Schreckengost, Mrs. Viktor
Austin, Jay Thomas
  • Austin, Jay T.
  • Austin, Jay
Austin, Howard B.
  • Austin, Howard
Austin, Cora B.
  • Austin, Cora
Aukerman, Nathaniel B.
  • Aukerman, Nathaniel
Augustine, Rose  
Augusta, Frank, Jr.
  • Augusta, Frank
August, Sandra Marie
  • August, Sandra M.
  • August, Sandra
Aughenbaugh, John E.
  • Aughenbaugh, John
Augenstein, Rose  
Aubrecht, Frank C.
  • Aubrecht, Frank
Attie, Diana Carol
  • Attie, Diana C.
  • Attie, Diana
Atelier, Johnson
  • Johnson Atelier
Atchley, Whitney
  • Atchley, W.
1908 1955
Astikian, Alice Elizabeth
  • Astikian, Alice E.
  • Astikian, Alice
Aster, Ferdinand  
Association for the Crippled and Disabled