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Name Also Known As Born Diedsort descending
Ciarrone, Victor S., Jr.
  • Ciarrone, Victor S.
  • Ciarrone, Victor
Kiehel, Fay Read
  • Kiehel, Fay R.
Sandglo Glass and Mirror Company
  • Sandglo Glass and Mirror Co.
  • Sand Glo Glass and Mirror Co.
Clinker, Leroy Carl
  • Clinker, Leroy
  • Clinker, L. C.
  • Clinker, L.
Kirsop, Dorothy  
Sax, Charles Leon
  • Sax, Charles L.
Parshall, Harriet Jane
  • Parshall, Harriet J.
  • Parshall, Jane
Adams, Betty Browne
  • Adams, Betty B.
  • Adams, Betty
Billmyer, Mina  
Hellmuth, Charles A.
  • Hellmuth, Charles
Pearce, Mary McCallum
  • Pearce, Mary M.
Hess, Helen  
Fox, Eleanor J.
  • Fox, Eleanor
McManus, Michael  
Toth, Beth M.
  • Toth, Beth
French, D. Gillette
  • French, Gillette
  • French, D.
Meiser, Paul
  • Meiser, Paul Allen
  • Meiser, Paul A.
Tuber, Lawrence  
Balazs, Harold R.
  • Balazs, Harold
Cutler, Ann M.
  • Cutler, Ann
Kurtz, Mrs. Carrie B.
  • Kurtz, Carrie B.
  • Kurtz, Carrie
Barnhill, William
  • Barnhill, William A.
Danison, M.  
Lane, Jean   1933
Shock, D'Arcy Adriance
  • Shock, D'Arcy A.