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Name Also Known As Bornsort descending Died
Wilson, John R.
  • Wilson, John
Connell, John V.
  • Connell, John
Blakeslee, Orlando T.
  • Blakeslee, Orlando
Herring, Kay  
Hill, David Wyers
  • Hill, David W.
  • Hill, David
Bonsteel, David L.
  • Bonsteel, David
Schregardus, Dirk  
Whitsett, William F.
  • Whitsett, William
Manning Studios, Inc.
  • Manning Studios
DeGrandis, Vincent
  • De Grandis, Vincent
Buckley, Denise  
Burke, Jane Margaret
  • Burke, Jane M.
  • Burke, Jane
  • Carlson, Mrs. Roy
Jicha, James F.
  • Jicha, James
Association for the Crippled and Disabled  
Bage, Rosemary
  • Bage, Rosemarie
  • Bage, Rosemary Voinoff
  • Bage, Rosemarie Voinoff
Riba, Nell  
Grenwis, Martina Dorothy
  • Grenwis, Martina D.
  • Grenwis, Martina
Bamberg, Jeanne Marie
  • Bamberg, Jeanne M.
  • Bamberg, Jeanne
Rinyu, Gerald  
Ehrbar, Elizabeth Kimbrell
  • Ehrbar, Elizabeth K.
  • Ehrbar, Elizabeth
Nichols, Ardys
  • Nichols, Ardys Stoner
  • Stoner, Ardys
  • Nichols, Ardys S.
English, Joan Newman
  • English, Joan N.
  • English, Joan
  • Newman, Joan
Millar, Patricia  
Novy, Charles J.
  • Novy, Charles
Uhlir, Lois M.
  • Vystreil, Lois Uhlir
  • Vance, Lois Uhlir
  • Uhlir, Lois