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Titlesort descending Artist(s) Year Category Medium Awards
"There were Two of Them and They Went That-a-Way" 1952 Illustration: Any Medium Honorable Mention
"Three Aspects of Man" - Emotional 1967 Photography
"Three Aspects of Man" - Intellectual 1967 Photography Juror's Mention
"Through the Looking Glass" by Carroll 1935 Book Binding
"Thy People Shall Be My People" 1959
"Thy Woods and Templed Hills" 1942 Water Color
"Triple Fin Dibs" 1945 Drawing
"Trumpets Loud and Clarions Bright and Gentle Soothing Flute" 1959
"Twas Strange," "Twas Wondrous Strange," Othello 1932
"Up the River at Upson's." The Flats, Cleveland 1923 First Prize
"V" shaped bowl, emerald green 1946 Enamel, Unique
"Van" 1936 Freehand Drawing
"We Have Here but Five Loaves and Two Fishes" 1943 Honorable Mention
"What Am I Offered?" 1947 Second Prize
"What Are Little Boys Made Of? What Are Little Girls Made Of? 1946 Ceramic Sculpture, Unique Honorable Mention
"What Paintings Have to Stand For"-- Apologies to Daumier 1931 Water Color
"What's This World Coming To?" 1950
"Whispering Hope" 1947 Ceramic Sculpture, Unique Third Prize
"Whom Shall I Love, When the Moon Has Arisen?" 1957
"Will the Veiled Sister Pray for the Children at the Gate Who Will Not Go Away and Cannot Pray?" 1960
"Winnie-The-Pooh" by A. A. Milne 1935 Book Binding
"X2 + A2 = r" 1930
"You'd be discouraged too" 1931
"…jug, loaf…thou…" 1943
#1 - Nude Woman Sitting on Table 1940 Pastel
#1 Gazelle 1949 Wood Carving, Unique
#1 Sterling Silver Agate Ring 1950 Jewelry, Unique
#1010 1981 Painting gold leaf and acrylic
#1610 1982 Painting acrylic, bronze, powder, and gold leaf
#18 1953
#2 1981 Textiles cotton batik
#2 - Nude Woman Standing Beside a Chair 1940 Pastel
#2 Sterling Silver Agate Ring 1950 Jewelry, Unique
#22 1953
#29 1955
#3 - One Nude Woman Standing Beside One Seated 1940 Pastel
#39 1953
#46 1981 Painting handmade paper, intaglio, and thread Special Mention
#4Nude Woman Standing Before a Window, the Curtains Making the Background 1940 Pastel
#5 WA Series 1976 Graphics charcoal and graphite
#5005 1982 Painting acrylic and gold leaf
#6 CA Series 1977 Graphics charcoal and crayon
& 1983 Painting acrylic and mylar
'A bead 1940
'Nother Monday 1933
'Quake 1961 Oil Painting
'Ray Fish 1988 Photography gelatin silver print
'Rithmetic 1955
's getting kind of dark! 1933 Illustration
'Til Death Us Do Part 1987 Graphics Graphite Special Mention