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Titlesort descending Artist(s) Year Category Medium Awards
3-Up-3-Down "Walking Series" 1972 Sculpture aluminum
Abstract No. 105 1961 Oil Painting
Aerialists 1954
Armless Man at Bus Stop 1950
Backstage 1949
Between Acts 1948 Illustration
Black and Gold V: Harmonic Grid Series 1974 Sculpture bronze, mahogany, and plexiglass
Chick's eating place 1949
Cloud, Cage, and Stone 1987 Sculpture bronze and marble
Corner 1982 Sculpture painted aluminum
Cycles of Life 1993 Sculpture copper, wood, and aluminum
Damaged 1954
Death of a Marionette 1950
Fishing Hut 1954
Gray Promenade 1950
Growth Bands II--Fish and Shell Series 1973 Sculpture cast bronze
Harmonic Grid LXXVIII 1979 Sculpture bronze and polyester Special Mention
Harmonic Grid XXV 1975 Sculpture corten-steel
Inter-rim 1983 Sculpture aluminum and steel Special Mention
King and Queen IV 1990 Sculpture lead, plaster, wood, and rubber
Lower Prospect Street 1950
LXXXVIII 1981 Sculpture Stainless steel
Quartet 1952
Shelter - (Succa) 1985 Sculpture painted aluminum
Shore Park 1954
Street scene 1949
Sun-Echo 1984 Sculpture painted aluminum and stainless steel
Sunday Lunch 1948 Illustration: Any Medium Third Prize
The Acrobats 1951
The Bench in the Park 1953
The Old Dock 1954
The Reading 1951 Drawing
The Watchman 1951
To the Four 1986 Sculpture wood and cast epoxy
Triumph 1988 Sculpture marble
White and Yellow Cranes 1954
XCVII 1980 Sculpture Stainless steel
XCVIII 1981 Sculpture marble