Museum Maps

Historic Museum Maps 

also known as Visitor Guides, Gallery Guides, Gallery Maps, and Floor Plans.

Since its opening the Cleveland Museum of Art expanded its gallery and public space in four major additions and renovations.  Each Expansion allowed the reorganization and reimagining of the museum’s collections.  For general museum maps by era, use the quicklinks in the first section.  For maps at more specific moments in the museum's history use the second section.  Please use Gallery Maps and Numbering History, 1916-2009 for historic collections' location by gallery.

General Maps by Era

Specific maps by museum milestone, arranged chronologically.  

  • Museum Opening, Hubbell and Benes 1916 Building, 06 June 1916
    •  Cleveland architects Benjamin Hubbell and W. Dominick Benes were engaged to design and construct the new museum. After a study of museum buildings nationally and worldwide, Hubbell and Benes designed a Beaux Arts style building with two wings flanking a central rotunda. Construction began in 1913 and was completed for the June 1916 opening. The gallery level housed the main entrance on the south side of the building facing Wade Park. Fifteen galleries plus the Armor Court and Interior Garden Court surrounded the Rotunda. 
  • New Wing Opening, Hayes and Ruth 1958 Building [since demolished], 03 March 1958
  • New Education Wing Opening, Breuer and Smith 1971 Building, 03 February 1971
    • The museum's second expansion symbolized the increasing concern of the museum with its interpretive and public service functions.  The new wing housed all the external services of the museum, most notably its education offices, lecture halls, special exhibitions space, and the new Gartner Auditorium.  Following the completion of building, most of the galleries were closed and reinstalled in five phases.
    • Asian Galleries, 03 June 1970 - March 2005
      • The Asian Galleries were relocated to the 1916 Building's first floor and sublevels during the Breuer Renovation and Expansion Project.  Please note level 3 is the lowest level.  
  • Galleries renumbered, circa 1993
    • Between 1991 and 1993 all galleries were renumbered. Galleries on the ground floor had one hundred added to the number (ex. gallery 10 became gallery 110). Galleries on the second floor had two hundred added to the number (ex. Gallery 29 became gallery 229).
  • Project 244, March 2003 - January 2005
    • In March 2003 the museum started Project 244, a new gallery dedicated exclusively to changing exhibitions of contemporary art. 
  • Renovation and Expansion, Viñoly 2011 Building, 10 March 2005 - 01 June 2008
    • Many maps combined into one document detailing the progression of gallery closures during the early stages of the Viñoly Renovation and Expansion Project.
  • Renovation and Expansion, Viñoly 2011 Building, 29 June 2008 - 02 January 2014
    • Many maps combined into one document detailing the progression of gallery openings during the later stages of the Viñoly Renovation and Expansion Project.
  • Second Floor 1916 Building Reopening, 29 June 2008
    • The museum returned more than 900 works of art to 19 spectacularly renovated galleries on the second floor of its historic 1916 Building.
  • East Wing Opening, 27 June 2009
    • The 139,200-square-foot East Wing connects the 1916 Building, designed by Hubbell and Benes, and the 1971 addition by Marcel Breuer. Viñoly’s design for the addition unites two historically significant buildings with a third, new structure that contributes to the greater architectural whole of the museum.
  • Gartner Auditorium Reopening, 28 February 2010
    • Gartner Auditorium was the centerpiece of the Marcel Breuer addition to the museum in 1970. The museum closed the auditorium to improve its acoustic performance and for refurbishment.
  • First Floor 1916 Building Reopening [East], 26 June 2010
    • Collections from the ancient Near East, Greece, Rome, and Egypt, as well as works from late antiquity, the Byzantine Empire, the European Middle Ages, and Africa, returned to public view on June 26.
  • Atrium Opening, 28 August 2012 [also Modern and Contemporary Galleries Reopening, 11 August 2012]
    • The modern and contemporary galleries closed to fix a condensation problem in the East Wing.  Shortly after their reopening, the museum partially opened the atrium, ending the art detour through the basement.  The atrium was later renamed the Ames Family Atrium and officially opened completely on 28 October 2012 which coincided with the opening of the new store and dining services.
  • One visitor guide outlines the the final stages of the Renovation and Expansion Project for the Viñoly 2011 Building.  It spans the dates of the following milestones.
    • First Floor 1916 Building Reopening [West], 26 December 2012
      • 10 galleries opened featuring the artwork of late medieval, Renaissance, and Islamic Collections.
    • Gallery One Opening, 21 January 2013
      • A unique, interactive gallery that blends art, technology, and interpretation to inspire visitors to explore the museum's renowned collections
    • North Wing Opening, 30 June 2013
      • Pre-Columbian, Native North American, Japanese, Korean and textile collections returned to public view.
    • West Wing Opening, 02 January 2014
      • The final milestone of the Renovation and Expansion Project, the museum opened the new West Wing featuring the Chinese and Southeast Asian art collections.