The Cleveland Museum of Art

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Records of the Construction of the Cleveland Museum of Art: 1916 Building

General Overview of the Records

Artificial Collection comprised of all records gathered together pertaining to the construction of the 1916 building, including the records of the temporary committees formed to plan the building and the records of the department that would evolve into buildings and grounds. The collection reflects the contributions of four different corporate entities, two of which were associated with the museum only during the initial construction.
  CMA Board of Trustees
Articles of Incorporation

Buildings and Grounds
General Office Files including:
  • correspondence among the architects, the superintendent for architects, engineers, contractors, inspectors, consultants, suppliers and the superintendent of the CMA.
  • lists of equipment and furnishings
  • financial statements and calculations, cancelled checks, shipping invoices
  • personal materials of Victor E. Thibaud - including correspondence, financial statements, tax bills, receipts
  • sketches of furnishings and equipment
  • CMA superintendent's office diary March 17, 1916 - July 24, 1916
  • personal correspondence of John W. McCabe
  • files of the Building Committee including correspondence, minutes, agreements, financial statements, calculations, lists of equipment and furnishings
  • specifications

Financial Records
  • Applications for certificates of payment and certificates of payment, October 7, 1913 - June 7, 1916
  • Applications for certificates of payment and certificates of payment - Service Station,
    June 26, 1917 - March 20, 1918
  • Ledgers


Who's Who
Allen & Haworth Providers of interior marble
Anderson, Alex Vice President, Blue Ridge Marble Company
Cornell, W. G. Engineers & Contractors
Crowell-Lundoff-Little Co. General Contractors Building Construction
Crowell & Murray Inspectors of iron, steel, cement & building materials
Crowell and Sherman Co. General Contractors
Eveleth, C. F. Consulting Engineer (French & Hubbard)
French (Hollis) & Hubbard (Allen) Consulting Engineers (Boston)
Fuller, C. W. Secretary, Building Committee
Gilman, H.F. Superintendent, Crowell-Lundoff-Little Co.
Harmon, Arthur L. Architect
Holden, Liberty E. Chairman, Building Committee
Hubbell & Benes Architects
Jessop, William Sales Manager, George Marble Company
Kelley, Hermon A. Secretary, Cleveland Museum of Art
Little, Bascom Secretary, Crowell and Sherman
Lundoff, Clemens W. Vice President, Crowell and Sherman
McCabe, J. F. Superintendent, Buildings and Grounds, CMA
McCabe, John W. Superintendent, Buildings and Grounds, CMA
McCreary, A.R. Chief Engineer, Crowell and Sherman
Ranney, H. C. President, CMA
Thibaud, Victor Emile Superintendent for Architects, released April 1916
Wheelright, Edmund M. Consulting Architect (Boston)
Whiting, Frederic Allen Director and Secretary of the Building Committee