The Cleveland Museum of Art


Film Collection (Can List)

Series 1: 16mm Films

Can 1
  1. "We Had a Dream", animated, color film with magnetic sound, summer children's class, 8-10 year olds, unrelated segments, 1972
Can 2
  1. Armor court visitors, b/w, ca. 1960s [no credits, no leader]
  2. Untitled short film with backward writing, directed by Paul Denis, n.d.
  3. CMA lagoon and fine arts garden shots, color, silent, no credits, n.d.
Can 3
  1. Untitled color film from 1970 teen workshop, silent
Can 4
  1. "European Vision of America", CMA/National Gallery, NBC News, color, optical sound, 1976
Can 5
  1. [Children's film class], film colored with magic marker, n.d.
  2. CMA TV spot, original Eco #22969, color, optical sound, 1972
Can 6
  1. Students in film class, teenagers, ca. 1960s, b/w, silent; also shots ofarmor court, no credits
  2. Scenes of two children's classes, about first grade, ca. 1970s, b/w, silent, no credits
Can 7
  1. Shots of armor court [same as can 6, #1], and other CMA interiors and exteriors spliced with magic marker colored film, silent, no credits [made of Tenite stamped on reel]
  2. Shots of the airport, rapid, rapid station, and CMA armor court takenby student film class, b/w, silent,
    no credits, n.d. [very dark]
Can 8
  1. "Cemented Treasure", color, silent, summer film class, 1971, instructor Helen Henley [master copy]
  2. "Mouths", no credit, date, or attribution, b/w, silent [broken splices]
Can 9
  1. CMA new education wing, 1970-1971 by Paul Denis, b/w, silent; also b/w film of photographs of construction taken by Martin Linsey, silent
Can 10
  1. "Waiting", by Jim Davis, student film class, b/w, 1971 [dark]
  2. "Thumbtacks" color, silent, student film class, 1972
Can 11
  1. "Dance of Shiva", CMA film series opus 1, color, optical sound,
    answer print, 1972
Can 12
  1. "The Legend of Perseus and Andromeda", narrated by Celeste Adams, color, optical sound,
    ca. 1970s [probably CMA opus #2]
Can 13
  1. Visahka Walker dancing for children's class, 1971, color, silent
  2. Footage of education wing, b/w, silent, 1970
Can 14
  1. "Feet", views of feet in galleries, color, silent, n.d.
Can 15
  1. "Dance of Shiva", b/w, silent, 1972
Can 16
  1. Visahka Walker discussing dance of Shiva with children in the Asian galleries and in front of 5th century stone relief, color, optical sound, ca. 1972
Can 17
  1. "Paintings: Rx for Survival", produced for the San Francisco Museum of Art with assistance from the National Endowment for the Arts, color, optical sound, reel 1, narrated by Peter Graves
Can 18
  1. "Paintings: Rx for Survival", reel 2
  2. "Road Mender at Arles", color, magnetic sound, children's summer film class, 1971, Helen Henley, instructor, based on Van Gogh painting
  3. "Dance of Shiva" footage, b/w, silent, 1972 [composite ground level,full and on ground level]
  4. Footage of children's classes in the galleries, b/w, silent [dark]
Can 19
  1. "Sculpture in the Open", produced by Hugh and Suzanne Johnston for New Jersey public broadcasting, color, optical sound [marked TR 1617711]
Can 20
  1. "Movement in Time and Space" by Time-Life Films, b/w, optical sound, from the Greater Cleveland Teacher Center for Informal Education, n.d. [marked R510]
  2. Footage of the education wing, b/w, silent, 1971
  3. "One Day One Summer: A Film of Children in Summer Classes", color, silent, 1970 [broken]
Can 21
  1. Film about the art and culture of Hungary from the American Hungarian People's Voice, color,
    optical sound, marked 1 [marked TR 16413/1c]
  2. "In a Gothic Tracery Garden", color, silent, by Paul S. Denis and Robert J. Rice, instructors in the education department, ca. 1966-1970
Can 22
  1. Film about the art and culture of Hungary from the American Hungarian People's Voice, color,
    optical sound, marked part 2 [TR16413]
Can 23
  1. Film about the art and culture of Hungary from the American Hungarian People's Voice, color,
    optical sound, marked part 4 [TR 16413]
Can 24
  1. "European Vision of America", color, optical sound, WVIZ Film Production, 1976
    [1st release print, vinegar odor]

Series 2: Super8 Films

Can 1
  1. Series of short, unrelated animated films by teen students in the film
    animation workshop of 1993. Super 8 color master.
Can 2
  1. Three color animated segments by 8-10 year old students in the film animation workshop, spring 1976.
    One segment is entitled "Jercus Circus". There is also a segment with dinosaurs (claymation) and
    one with space travel.
Can 3
  1. "The Fight of the White Night" and "Trick or Treat or Death", color animated films produced by students, undated.
  2. Various unrelated animated sequences, black and white, undated.
Can 4
  1. "Fireworks Thief", color animated film, summer 1976.
  2. "Thoughts on Color and Design" by Paula Gillam and Judith Musser, instructors in the Education Department. Color, live action, 1971.
  3. "The Thinker", live action color/sound film, teen workshop, ca.
Can 5
  1. "The Saga of the Golden Treasure", part 1. Color. Summer 1976.
  2. "The Saga of the Golden Treasure", part 2. Color. Summer 1976.
  3. "The Saga of the Golden Treasure, part 3. Color. Summer 1976.
Can 6
  1. Live action and animated short features. Color. Winter/Spring 1974 film workshop [8-10 year olds?]
Can 7
  1. "Spring Workshop Stories", live action segments including scenes of children's classes, the museum grounds and interiors, and children fooling around on the recital hall stage. Color. N.D. [10-12 years]
Can 8
  1. Unidentified live action of young people's class in and around museum, ca. 1960s. Color. [faded/overexposed]

Series 3: 8mm Films

Can 8
  1. Unidentified, students in and around museum grounds. Color. Teen workshop [early 1970s?]
Can 9
  1. Untitled. Scenes along rapid transit line and downtown Cleveland. Color. Teen film workshop, 1969.
Can 10
  1. Children's fair, 1960.