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Collecting Antique Pewter


Seven years in the making, the Pewter Collectors’ Club of America has published a unique volume entitled Collecting Antique Pewter: What to Look For and What to Avoid. Pewter dominated tableware in eighteenth century America and as such became highly collectible by the next two centuries.  The book is divided into three parts.Collecting & connoisseurship addresses form, style, period, rarity, function, condition, marks, decoration, and attribution.In a photograph of one plate, four states of condition are detailed, from best to poor.

As it is incredibly difficult to photograph metal, this detail is distinctive.The section on construction & fabrication examines types of casting and assembly with all the unassembled parts and tools for creating a piece.Finally, the fakes, forgeries & reproductions main bulk of the book goes right for the throat.As embarrassing for collectors to admit they may have purchased a fake, a lot can be learned from such an experience.The photographs comparing genuine and fake marks are sharply rendered on various forms of pewter, making this publication a valuable reference guide for serious collectors.  NK8406 .P49 2006