Recent Acquisitions

Historia General Del Piru

Historia General Del Piru by Martín de Murúa is the earliest illustrated history of Peru.  Compiled in the late 16th and early 17th centuries, the volume chronicles the Incas and the early Viceroyalty of Peru.  Until recently the text was available only to scholars at the Getty Research Institute.  A second copy is privately owned and held in Ireland. 

With the publication of this manuscript facsimile a much larger scholarly audience gains access to this historical text.  The text is reproduced in its entireity, over 800 pages, with numerous full color hand illustrations depicting traditional dress.  Text pages are handwritten and presented in grey scale for ease of reading.  Larger pages are accomodated with foldouts, thus preserving the volume's integrity.  As well, references in the margins match pages from the Getty's original multi-volumed folio set.  The facsimile is delivered in a box set with a second volume entitled, The Getty Murúa: Essays on the Making of Martín de Murúa's Historia General del Piru.  This text is a fascinating comparison of the two original versions of the volume, the Getty's and the Galvin, as well as the process of reproducing the text.