Book Sale

Going Green – the Ingalls Library Recycling Initiative

Our book sale group meeting ended today with a spirited discussion about green initiatives and the small monthly sale we maintain near the circulation desk. Besides books and auction catalogs, could we add book jackets and slipcase boxes? At first we were all rather negative about it, but then thought, well, if it would keep these items out of the trash, why not? Many are beautiful, too lovely to add to the nation’s huge trash problem. Some of us have used colorful book jackets as gift wrap. And, really, most every one of us library nerds has a slipcase box filled with our own personal flotsam & jetsam parked in a corner of our desk.

So let’s get creative! Email or stop by and tell us what you think people might do with these paper items that we don’t keep. Bookends with pockets? Unusual coffee tables? Papier-mâché sculpture? For a dime or a quarter, what could you create to keep us green? Ooooooh, I know – THINKING CAPS!