Pilkington's Dictionary of Painters

Inside the cover of PilkingtonThe more you look, the more you find. Opening the rarely used volume, Pilkington's Dictionary of Painters, the reader is confronted first with a pair of ex libris pasted into the marbled end papers. Twin mottoes unfurl above and below the crest for The Lauder of Fountainhall Baronet, "Turis Prudentia Custos," and, "Ut Migraturus Habita." Translated from Latin, these read roughly, "Careful Watch over the Tower," and, "Live, as if ready to leave." The entry for Dick-Lauder in Burke's Peerage and Barontage describes the arms as, "a griffin salient within a bordure argent," and the crests, "a tower, porticullis down, the head and shoulders of a sentinel appearing above the battlements in a watching posture," and finally the supporters, "two lions rampant." Indeed, in the engraving we see all these, with the inclusion of a helmet from a suit of armor and the exclusion of a stags head. Perhaps the former belongs to the sentinel, presented above without his armor or weapon. The bookplate, engraved by William Home Lizars, is a fascinating example of how an artist might render the family crests and arms differently. To the right, a second bookplate is pasted in, for Antonin Natali-Seidel of Prague. Unfortunately the owners name eludes research, as well the artist signature is too small to be read.  The whimsical ex libris includes a nymph atop what appears to be winged pretzel. Interestingly, the nymph is poking the gentleman in front of him with an over-sized quill. The gentleman is surprised, but continues to walk, with a back scratcher over his shoulder and a medallion swinging about his neck, as he clutches his purse or perhaps the edge of his gown in the other hand. It is a comical scene, more common of personal bookplates. It might be assumed by the placement on the page of this second bookplate, that Mr. Seidel is the second owner of the book. This pair of ex libris, competing for the ownership of this biographical dictionary, are hidden in plain sight in the reference collection at ND35 .P6 1852.