Art on the Move in the Contemporary Galleries

Any regular visitor to the contemporary art galleries in the east wing has seen how quickly the collection rotates. Alien Huddle by Martin Puryear has landed in the space where Liza Lou's Continuous Mile coiled. The large wall where Su-Mei Tse's Mistelpartition projected now sustains the recently acquired Monika Sosnowska sculpture Stairs. With the recent gift of a large- scale textile piece by the the artist Sheila Hicks, Impala by Alex Katz has been removed to make space on the wall. The Hicks piece, entitled the Principal Wife, is constructed of linen, rayon, and acrylic yarns, and drapes on a rack mounted high on the wall. To the untrained eye, it appears much like rope, with several deep blue colors banding the length. It is not surprising that the artist studied early in her career with Josef and Anni Albers, the former responsible for influential text, The Interaction of Color, the latter one of the most well- known textile artists of the twentieth century. The addition of this piece to the collection coincides with the retrospective exhibition of her work at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Philadelphia, which garnered national attention via an article in the New York Times. Naturally, my advice is to move quickly to see this remarkable work, the galleries are in flux always.