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Magazine Rack - Curatorial Quotes and Objects in Print

The Ingalls Library collection includes approximately 1,200 currently received periodical  titles. That is quite simply, an overwhelming number. This ongoing series features articles that discuss objects included in the museum's collection of more than 46,000 objects,  as well as articles written by museum staff members.   Additionally, articles about the museum,  its history and activities  are noted.

In the April issue of Studies in Iconography, The Life of St. Martin of Tours, (1971.103)  is featured.  The ivory diptych provides an example of devotional objects produced for, "urban populations and nonelite owners." The article, Pocket Crucifixions by Nina Rowe, provides insight into commodity and portable devotional objects in 14th century in northern Europe.

The June 2011 issue of Orientations includes the Standing Buddha, 1966.30, on the first page of the article, Two Bronzes from the Western Himalayas Revisited by David Wheldon. The article focuses on aspects of the museum's object, and another from a private collection mentioned in Pratapaditya Pal's Bronzes of Kashmir.

Louise Mackie, the museum's curator of textiles and Islamic Art, is quoted in the May issue of American Craft. The article, Itinerant Artist Sheila Hicks, provides fascinating insight into the artist's work, citing her recent retrospective at Philadelphia's Institute of Contemporary Art and providing several dazzling images. The Principle Wife, recently acquired and hung in the contemporary galleries, is not pictured. But another museum piece entitled M'hamid provides evidence of the artist's experimentation on smaller objects, in this case piercing the warp with a razor clam shell, between the silk and vicuña wool.

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