A Book By Its Cover: This Cleveland of Ours

With a stern portrait of Moses Cleveland gazing out from the cover, This Cleveland of Ours is imposing indeed. You Gotta be Tough, as the saying goes. But no he's not frowning, he's just busy founding the sixth largest city in the country. Published in 1933 amidst this city's zenith, this two volume set details the history of Cleveland from the Western Reserve and the Connecticut Land Company to Moses Cleveland and onward. Besides the handsome leather binding, embossed with the portrait of the city's founder and namesake, it is illustrated with photos and etchings to quell all doubters of Cleveland's once great civic history. Though not directly a title about art, it contains details on the founding of the museum and numerous benefactors. To be sure, this volume entered the library as a gift from Severance A. Millikin, and as the first published work to address the history of the city, it was certainly appreciated.  As authors Wilfred Henry and Miriam Russell Alburn posit in the foreword, "here is a great and unique city." Hear hear!

This Cleveland of Ours