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Author Title Year Date of Sale Locations Electronic
Honthorst, Gerrit van, Gherardo delle Notti : quadri bizzarissimi e cene allegre / a cura di Gianni Papi. 2015
Library Stacks / Regular loan
ND653.H74 A4 2015

Honthorst, Gerrit van, Gherardo delle Notti, lacerti lirici : l’Adorazione dei pastori di Gherardo delle Notti risanata dopo l’attentato / a cura di Antonio Natali. 2003
Library Stacks / Regular loan
ND653.H74 A77 2003

Judson, J. Richard Gerrit van Honthorst, 1592-1656 / J. Richard Judson & Rudolf E.O. Ekkart. 1999
Library Stacks
Table Reserve
ND653.H74 J83 1999

Papi, Gianni. Gherardo delle Notti : Gerrit Honthorst in Italia / Gianni Papi. 1999
Library Stacks / Regular loan
ND653.H74 A4 1999

Meyere, J. A. L. de "Granida en Daifilo" (1625) van Gerard van Honthorst : onderzoek en restauratie / Jos de Meyere. 1988
Library Stacks / Regular loan
ND653.H74 A75 1988

Derks, Lucas, 1950- De Dood van Seneca door Gerard van Honthorst? / door Lucas Derks, Michiel Plomp, Joop Speth. 1982
Library Stacks / Regular loan
ND653.H74 A743 1982

Musée des beaux-arts de Rennes. Gerrit van Honthorst : Le reniement de Saint Pierre / [dossier établi par Patrick Ramade]. 1981
Library Stacks / Regular loan
ND653.H74 A74 1981

Judson, J. Richard Gerrit van Honthorst : a discussion of his position in Dutch art. 1959
Library Stacks
Table Reserve
ND653.H74 J93 1959

Honthorst, Gerrit van, Gerrit van Honthorst : twenty-eight reproductions / with text and catalogue by G. J. Hoogewerff. 1924
Library Stacks / Regular loan
ND653.H74 H63 1924

Honthorst, Gerrit van, Honthorst, Gerrit van, 1590-1656. 19uu
Reference Collection / Regular loan

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