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Musillo, Marco, The Shining inheritance : Italian painters at the Qing court, 1699-1812 / Marco Musillo. 2016
Library Stacks / Regular loan
ND1043.5 .M87 2016

Guo li gu gong bo wu yuan. Xin shi jie : Lang Shining yu Qing gong xi yang feng = New visions at the Ch’ing court : Giuseppe Castiglione and Western-style trends / zhu bian Wang Yaoting. 2007
Library Stacks / Regular loan
ND1043.5 .G95 2007

Rey, Marie-Catherine. Les très riches heures de la cour de Chine : chefs-d’œuvre de la peinture impériale des Qing, 1662-1796 : exposition présentée au Musée Guimet du 26 avril au 24 juillet 2006 / commissariat, Marie-Catherine Rey. 2006
Library Stacks / Regular loan
ND1043.5 .T74 2006

Qianlong, Emperor of China, 1711-1799. Qing dai yu zhi tong ban hua = Palace copperplate etchings of the Qing dynasty / [Lang Shining deng hui zhi ; shu lue Nie Chongzheng]. 1999
Folio Stacks / Regular loan
NE1750 .Q25 1999

Su, Liqun, Lang Shining zhuan / Su Liqun zhu. 1998
Library Stacks / Regular loan
PL2904.L5 L36 1998

Beurdeley, Cécile. Giuseppe Castiglione : a Jesuit painter at the court of the Chinese emperors / by Cecile and Michel Beurdeley. Translated by Michael Bullock. 1971
Library Stacks / Regular loan
ND623.C485 B413 1971

Castiglione, Giuseppe, 1688-1766. The selected painting of Lang Shih-ning (Josephus Castiglione) = Lang Shining hua ji / [by Josephus Castiglione]. 1971
Library Stacks / Regular loan
ND1049.C25 .L3 1971

Castiglione, Giuseppe, Lang Shining hua Qianlongdi chun jiao shi ma tu xiao zhao / Lang Shining hua. 1924
Folio Stacks / Regular loan
ND623.C485 C37 1924

Castiglione, Giuseppe, Castiglione, Giuseppe, 1688-1766. 19uu
Reference Collection / Regular loan

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