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Turner, J. M. W. J. M. W. Turner : painting set free / edited by David Blayney Brown, Amy Concannon, and Sam Smiles ; with contributions from Rebecca Hellen [and four others]. 2014
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ND497.T8 A4 2014

Chomentowska, Sylwia M., "Sehen von Nichts" : Annäherungen an Turners aisthetische Bild- und ästhetische Erkenntniskritik / Sylwia M. Chomentowska. 2013
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ND497.T8 C46 2013

Howard, Ken, Ken Howard’s Switzerland : in the footsteps of Turner / Ken Howard, Jürg Gabathuler, Ian Warrell. 2013
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ND497.H853 A4 2013

Loukes, Andrew. Turner’s Sussex / Andrew Loukes. 2013
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ND497.T8 A4 2013

Riding, Christine, Turner & the sea / Christine Riding and Richard Johns. 2013
Library Stacks / Regular loan
ND497.T8 A4 2013a

Costello, Leo J.M.W. Turner and the subject of history / Leo Costello. 2012
Library Stacks / Regular loan
ND497.T8 C75 2012

Warrell, Ian. Turner’s secret sketches / Ian Warrell. 2012
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NC242.T9 W37 2012

Warrell, Ian. Turner inspired : in the light of Claude / Ian Warrell ; with contributions by Philippa Simpson, Alan Crookham and Nicola Moorby. 2012
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N6797.T88 A4 2012

Lewison, Jeremy. Turner Monet Twombly : later paintings / Jeremy Lewison ; [exhibition curator: Jeremy Lewison]. 2011
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ND497.T8 A4 2011a

Nairne, Sandy. Art theft and the case of the stolen Turners / Sandy Nairne. 2011
Library Stacks / Regular loan
N8795 .N35 2011

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