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Duchamp, Marcel, 1887-1968. The artist and his critic stripped bare : the correspondence of Marcel Duchamp and Robert Lebel / edited and translated by Paul B. Franklin ; with a foreword by Jean-Jacques Lebel. 2016
Library Stacks / Regular loan
N6853.D8 A3 2016

Filipovic, Elena, The apparently marginal activities of Marcel Duchamp / Elena Filipovic. 2016
Library Stacks / Regular loan
N6853.D8 F55 2016

Housefield, James, Playing with earth and sky : astronomy, geography, and the art of Marcel Duchamp / James Housefield. 2016
Library Stacks / Regular loan
N6853.D8 H67 2016

Campany, David, A handful of dust : from the cosmic to the domestic / David Campany. 2015
Library Stacks
TR646.F72 P3323 2015

Blunck, Lars, Marcel Duchamp: Porte-bouteilles / Lars Blunck ; Übersetzung Tim Chafer (Deutsch-English). 2014
Library Stacks / Regular loan
N6853.D8 A74 2014

Cabanne, Pierre. Marcel Duchamp : Entretiens avec Pierre Cabanne. / Pierre Cabanne. 2014
Library Stacks / Regular loan
ND553.D774 C3132 2014

Duchamp, Marcel, Marcel Duchamp / texts by Calvin Tomkins and Adina Kamien-Kazhdan. 2014
Library Stacks / Regular loan
N6853.D8 A4 2014b

Duchamp, Marcel, AKA Marcel Duchamp : meditations on the identities of an artist / edited by Anne Collins Goodyear and James W. McManus. 2014
Library Stacks / Regular loan
N6853.D8 D833 2014

Duchamp, Marcel, Marcel Duchamp : la peinture, même / sous la direction de Cécile Debray. 2014
Library Stacks / Regular loan
N6853.D8 A4 2014

Lazzarato, M. Marcel Duchamp et le refus du travail : suivi de Misère de la sociologie / Maurizio Lazzarato. 2014
Library Stacks
At Bindery
N6853.D8 L39 2014

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