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Ebert, Simone, Botticelli, Signorelli, Michelangelo : zur Kunstpolitik des Lorenzo di Pierfrancesco de’ Medici / Simone Ebert. 2016
Library Stacks / Regular loan
N5273.2.M44 E347 2016

Michelangelo Buonarroti, Michelangelo’s notebooks : the poetry, letters, and art of the great master / edited by Carolyn Vaughan. 2016
Library Stacks / Regular loan
N6923.B9 M535 2016

Michelangelo e la Cappella Paolina, riflessioni e contributi in occasione dei recenti restauri (C Michelangelo e la Cappella Paolina : riflessioni e contributi sull’ultimo restauro / a cura di Antonio Paolucci e Silvia Danesi Squarzina. 2016
Library Stacks / Regular loan
ND623.B9 M55 2010

Renaissance Society of America. Dopo il 1564 : l’eredità di Michelangelo a Roma nel tardo Cinquecento = After 1564 : Michelangelo’s legacy in late Cinquecento Rome / a cura di Marco Simone Bolzoni, Furio Rinaldi, Patrizia Tosini. 2016
Library Stacks / Regular loan
N6923.B9 R46 2016

Alberti, Alessia, editor, author. D’après Michelangelo / [a cura di] Alessia Alberti, Alessandro Rovetta, Claudio Salsi. 2015
Library Stacks / Regular loan
N6923.B9 A4 2015

Atkins, Christopher D. M. The wrath of the Gods : masterpieces by Rubens, Michelangelo, and Titian / Christopher D.M. Atkins ; edited by David Updike. 2015
Library Stacks / Regular loan
ND673.R9 A74 2015

Buniolo, Chiara The Rondanini Pietà / text by Chiara Buniolo. 2015
Library Stacks / Regular loan
NB623.B9 A7 2015

Cappella Sistina venti anni dopo (Conference) The Sistine Chapel twenty years later : new breath, new light : 30th-31st October 2014, conference proceedings / edited by Vittoria Cimino. 2015
Library Stacks
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ND623.B9 C292 2015

Colalucci, Gianluigi, Io e Michelangelo : fatti, persone, sorprese e scoperte del cantiere di restauro della Sistina / Gianluigi Colalucci. 2015
Library Stacks / Regular loan
ND623.B9 C63 2015

Goudriaan, Elisa Johanna, The cultural importance of Florentine patricians : cultural exchange, brokerage networks, and social representation in early modern Florence and Rome (1600-1660) / Elisa Johanna Goudriaan. 2015
Library Stacks / Regular loan
DG738.22 .G68 2015

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