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Skinner, Inc. Fine prints & photographs. 2017 20170127 Sales Catalog Collection / Regular loan
2017 JAN 27 { Check for price list }
Ariëns-Volker, Marijo Picasso et l’occultisme a Paris : aux origines des demoiselles d’Avignon / Marijo Ariëns-Volker. 2016
Library Stacks / Regular loan
ND553.P5 A785 2016

Boncompte Coll, Concepció Picasso : de ’Pageses d’Andorra’ a ’Demoiselles d’Avignon’ : un viatge romànic / a cura de Concepció Boncompte Coll. 2016
Library Stacks / Regular loan
N6853.P5 B66 2016

Bouvard, Emilie, writer of supplementary textual content. Picasso et moi : Mudam Luxembourg 20.02.2016-29.05.2016 / Damien Deroubaix ; auteurs, Émilie Bouvard, Laurent Le Bon, Enrico Lunghi, Markus Pilgram. 2016
Library Stacks / Regular loan
N6853.D3673 A4 2016

Bucalo-Mussely, Serena editor, writer of supplementary textual content. Picasso-Giacometti / direction scientifique, Serena Bucalo-Mussely, Virginie Perdrisot ; auteurs, Serena Bucalo-Mussely [and seven others]. 2016
Library Stacks / Regular loan
N6853.P5 A4 2016e

Decron, Benoît. Picasso au musée Soulages / commissariat: Benoît Decron, Aurore Méchain, Amandine Meunier. 2016
Library Stacks / Regular loan
ND553.P5 A4 2016a

Gaddi, Sergio editor. Picasso & Mirò : passion & poetry = Bikasawa wa Mirrawa : al-shaghafa wa al-shaʻr / edited by Sergio Gaddi. 2016
Library Stacks / Regular loan
N6853.P5 A4 2016g

Keller, Mariah editor. Picasso : the great war, experimentation, and change / edited by Mariah Keller ; with essays by Simonetta Fraquelli, Kenneth E. Silver, Elizabeth Cowling and Dominique H. Vasseur. 2016
Library Stacks / Regular loan
ND553.P5 A4 2016

McCully, Marilyn, author. Picasso in Holland / Marilyn McCully, Gerrit Valk ; met bijdragen van Sandra Jongenelen, Lidewij de Koekkoek, Michael Raeburn, Benno Tempel. 2016
Library Stacks / Regular loan
N6853.P5 A4 2016c

Picasso, Pablo, 1881-1973. Picasso Rivera : conversations across time / Curated by Juan Rafael Coronel Rivera, Michael Govan, Diana Magaloni, James Oles, and Jennifer Stager ; with assistance by Lilly Casillas ; edited by Diana Magaloni and Michael Govan ; with contributions by Émilie Bouvard, Lilly Casillas, Juan Rafael 2016
Library Stacks / Regular loan
N6853.P5 A4 2016f

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