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Gogh, Vincent van, 1853-1890. Van Gogh : into the undergrowth / Cornelia Homburg, Simon Kelly, Laura Prins, Jenny Reynaerts. 2016
Library Stacks / Regular loan
ND653.G7 A4 2016a

Gogh, Vincent van, 1853-1890. Van Gogh’s bedrooms / edited by Gloria Groom ; with essays by Gloria Groom, David J. Getsy, Louis van Tilborgh and Inge Fiedler, Ella Hendriks, Teio Meedendorp, Michel Menu, and Johanna Salvant with contributions by Allison Perelman. 2016
Library Stacks / Regular loan
ND653.G7 A62 2016

Heugten, Sjraar van. Van Gogh in Provence : modernizing tradition / Sjraar van Heugten. 2016
Library Stacks / Regular loan
ND653.G7 A4 2016

Olde Wolbers, Saskia, Saskia Olde Wolbers : yes, these eyes are the windows / curators, Bice Curiger, Julia Marchand. 2016
Library Stacks / Regular loan
N6953.O44 A4 2016

Seurat, Georges, 1859-1891. Ways of pointillism : Seurat, Signac, Van Gogh / edited by Heinz Widauer ; with a preface by Klaus Albrecht Schröder and Lisette Pelsers, and essays by Michael Baumgartner [and 5 others] ; translations from German: Brigitte Willinger, Gerard A. Goodrow ; translations from French: David Radzinowi 2016
Library Stacks / Regular loan
N6465.N44 W39 2016

Daubigny, Charles François, 1817-1878. Inspiring Impressionism : Daubigny, Monet, Van Gogh / catalogue editorial board, Lynne Ambrosini, Frances Fowle, Maite van Dijk. 2015
Library Stacks / Regular loan
ND553.D23 A4 2015

Delrue, Mark Vincent : Kunstschilder, briefschrijver, godzoeker / Mark Delrue. 2015
Library Stacks / Regular loan
ND653.G7 D45 2015

Geene, Anne, photographer. Vincentomania / Salvo and Van Gogh ; Salvo: Anne Greene, Arjan de Nooy, David de Jong, Sander Uitdehaag, Vincent van Baar. 2015
Library Stacks / Regular loan
TR655 .V56 2015

Gogh, Vincent van, Van Gogh drawings : influences & innovations / Sjraar Van Heugten. 2015
Library Stacks / Regular loan
NC263.G56 A4 2015

Gogh, Vincent van, Van Gogh and nature / Richard Kendall, Sjraar van Heugten, Chris Stolwijk. 2015
Library Stacks / Regular loan
ND653.G7 A4 2015

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