Library Card

The Library Card screen displays your circulation information. It also enables you to perform a number of online activities. 

You can view your current circulation statuses from the Activities entry of the screen:

  • Current Loans: the screen gives you access to your loans information. In addition, if you click on an underlined number, you have two options for renewing your loans:
    • renew all
    • renew selected
  • Loan History: this is a list of all the items that you have ever borrowed and their loan information.
  • Hold Requests: this is a the list of items on which you have placed a hold request and the status of the requests.

In addition, the Library Card screen displays some general circulation information:

  • messages for the user
  • circulation blocks
  • contact information, including address (a patron must have special permissions in order to update his address)
  • change password
  • administrative information
  • leave a message for an Ingalls Library user option

Access to your library card requires a password in order to prevent unauthorized access to your records. 

Note that in order to protect your privacy/identity, the system does not allow the browser's [Back] function to operate from most of My Library Card's pages. Instead of taking you to the previous page, the system opens the page that you opened before going to My Library Card.