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 Kinosuke Ebihara (Japanese, 1904 - 1970)
River Scene
Medium: oil on canvas
Measurements: Unframed: 46cm x 54.5cm
Date: 1927
1941.64 | Gift of Mrs. Malcolm L. McBride, 25th Anniversary Gift
Mrs. Malcolm L. McBride
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 follower of Paul Egell (German, 1691 - 1752)
The Annunciation
Medium: ivory, wood, velvet, gilded and glazed frame
Measurements: Overall: 56.5cm x 41.9cm x 6.3cm, Part 1: 33.5cm x 25.4cm x 3.5cm
Date: c. 1750
1981.12 | John L. Severance Fund
Thomas Howard-Sneyd (London, England), sold to the Cleveland Museum of Art, 1981.
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 Ignaz Elhafen (German, 1658 - 1715)
Venus and Satyr with Cupid
Medium: ivory, wood frame
Measurements: Overall: 15.5cm x 12.4cm x 3cm
Date: c. 1700
1982.144 | Andrew R. and Martha Holden Jennings Fund
Baron Guido von Conrad, Luxemburg

art market, Germany (sold, Lempertz, Cologne, June 3-9, 1958, lot no. 57, to a private collector

Private collector, sold, Weinmüller, Munich, October 5-6, 1960, lot no. 100, illus. pl. 63, to a private collector

Private collector, sold, Sotheby Parke Bernet and Co., London, April 1982, lot no. 264, illus., to David Carritt, Ltd.

David Carritt, Ltd. (London, England), sold to the Cleveland Museum of Art, 1982.
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 James Ensor (Belgian, 1860 - 1949)
The Garden of the Rousseau Family
Medium: oil on fabric
Measurements: Framed: 96.2cm x 82.6cm x 9.3cm, Unframed: 75.5cm x 61cm
Date: 1885
1950.582 | Gift of Leonard C. Hanna, Jr.
Ernest and/or Mariette Rousseau, Brussels. H. van de Velde, Wassenaar, the Netherlands. Brussels sale, Galerie Giroux, 10 February 1930 (lot 41, repr.), Le jardin de la propriété Rousseau à Tilff, ca. 1890. (Tilff is located near Liège and therefore cannot be the property in Watermael, which is without doubt depicted. According to a letter in the cma object files, the descendant of Mariette Rousseau, Mme Wodon, had never heard of them being in Tilff or having a garden there.) Sam Salz, New York. Bought from him by Leonard C. Hanna Jr., 12 March 1946. Given to the CMA in 1950.
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 immediate circle of Jan van Eyck
John the Baptist in a Landscape
Medium: oil on panel
Measurements: Unframed: 40.2cm x 12.5cm, Painted surface: 39.6cm x 11.5cm
Date: c. 1440
1979.80 | Leonard C. Hanna, Jr. Fund
Herederos de John Frere (1740-1807), Royal Hall, Norfolk, England; (E.V. Thaw)
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