Historical Exhibitions

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Title Catalog Record Start Month Start Day Start Year End Month End Daysort descending End Year
Japanese Art [Children's Museum] (1935) March 1935 March 1935
Modern Austrian Craft Work [Children's Museum] January 1933 January 1933
23rd Ceramic National Exhibition November 1964 January 1965
Children of Foreign Lands, their Toys, Costumes, and Pictures [Children's Museum] November 1939 December 1939
Mythological Animals September 1958 September 1958
Second Annual Exhibit of the American Bookplate Society: Bookplates by E. D. French and Bookplates of Famous People, lent by Western Reserve University February 1917 April 1917
Resist-Dyed Textiles from India, Indonesia, and Cambodia January 22 1993 January 1995
Christmas Cribs [Children December 1933 December 1933
Exhibition of the Month: Console of the Rebuilt McMyler Organ February 1946 February 1946
Faces and Facades: The Cleveland Museum of Art 1916-1998 February 07 1998
Soviet Painting December 1935 December 1935
April Modern Viennese Toys and Ceramic Animals [Children's Museum] March 1935 March 1935
Work of High and Junior High School Students July 1920 August 1920
Garden Center exhibition September 1965 September 1965
American Painting December 05 1939
Recent Accessions in 18th-Century Art March 1923 March 1923
Painting: "The Symphony" by Maximilian Mopp February 1941 February 1941
Chinese Imperial Porcelains April 1960 May 1960
39th Traveling Eshibition of Works by Artists of the Western Reserve 1966 1967
Animals and Plants as used by the Artist [Children's Museum] May 1937 June 1937