Historical Exhibitions

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Title Catalog Record Start Month Start Daysort descending Start Year End Month End Day End Year
Drawings from Museum Toys by Pupils of Charles Dickens School [Children's Museum] July 1933 July 1933
Outdoor Life Photographic Contest and Show. In cooperation with the American and Canadian Sportsman's Show [Public Auditorium, Cleveland] April 1954 April 1954
California Water Color Society January 1938 January 1938
Japanese Screens from CMA Collections (1967) June 1967 August 1967
Marionettes and Shadow Figures [Children's Museum] February 1933 February 1933
Outdoor Class Exhibit October 1959 October 1959
Christmas Cribs and Crib Figures [Children's Museum] December 1930 December 1930
Modern European Wooden Toys [Children's Museum] (1933, 2) July 1933 July 1933
Work of Students of The Cleveland School of Art (1924) January 1924 January 1924
Twenty First Ceramic National Exhibition [Everson Museum of Art] September 1960 September 1960
Bronzes by Paul Manship lent by the artist and Mrs. W. N. Gates November 1916 December 1916
Focus Exhibition: Jonah Marbles September 2009 September 2009
American Paintings, 17th through 19th Centuries October 1952 November 1952
Christmas Drawings by Pupils of the Drawing Classes of the Museum January 1928 January 1928
22nd Ceramic National Exhibition November 1962 December 1962
Chinese Embroideries, lent by Mme. Isabelle A. DuBouchet November 1916 December 1916
French Paintings, 19th through 20th Centuries October 1952 November 02 1952
Important Canvases owned by Cleveland Collectors March 1920 April 1920
African Art [Children's Museum] July 1932 July 1932
Mary Warden and Charles W. Harkness Memorial Exhibition February 01 1928 February 29 1928