Historical Exhibitions

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Title Catalog Record Start Month Start Day Start Year End Month End Daysort descending End Year
Work by Students of the Cleveland Schools November 1925 November 1925
Greek Island Embroideries (1984) June 19 1984 May 1985
Paintings from Horace Kelley Art Foundation January 06 1917
The Story of Landscape [Museum of Modern Art, New York] November 1951 November 1951
Contemporary Hungarian Prints (1932) March 1932 March 1932
Paintings from Museum Collections: English and Spanish Schools; French School, 17th to 18th Century; European Painting, 20th Century; American, 19th to 20th Century June 17 1946 September 1946
Gallery Class Exhibition December 1959 December 1959
Flower Motifs in Textiles December 1935 December 1935
Prints by Utamaro October 1923 October 1923
Etched Designs for Table China by Felix Bracquemond December 1922 December 1922
Portraits of Captain and Mrs. Jean T. David, by Thomas Sully January 05 1919
Dutch, Flemish, and German Prints September 1976 December 1976
Museum Drawings December 1939 December 1939
[William J.] Gordon Estate, Recent Accessions and Other Loans January 06 1917
Outdoor Life Photographic Contest and Show. In cooperation with the American and Canadian Sportsman's Show [Public Auditorium, Cleveland] April 1954 April 1954
Modern Foreign Books for Children [Children's Museum] March 1932 March 1932
The California Water Color Society Exhibition March 04 1941
Focus Exhibition: Jonah Marbles September 2009 September 2009
Etchings by James McBey and Percy Smith December 1922 December 1922
English Decorative Arts September 1980 February 1981