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Accession No. Artist / Maker Object Title Object Datessort ascending CMA Catalogues Bulletin Reference
2013.6 Artist of the Hausa or Nupe people. Man's Tunic/Robe. Possibly mid to late 19th C. MM MAR/APR 2014, p. 26-27
1972.331 Artist of the Dan people, a population of farmers living in the border region between northeastern Liberia and adjacent to the Cote d'Ivoire. Face Mask Possibly early 20TH C. MM SEP/OCT 2014, p. 20
2006.116 Artist of the Bembe People, Democratic Republic of the Congo. Plank Mask Possibly early 1900s. CMAC, p. 37 (citation)
2010.459.1-.2 Probably artist of the Ngbandi people, Democratic Republic of the Congo. Male and Female Figure Pair. Possibly early 1900s. CMAC, p. 38 (citation) MM SEP/OCT 2013, p. 10-11
2010.451 Artist of the Songye people, Democratic Republic of the Congo. Male Figure Possibly early 1900s CMAC, p. 35 (citation) MM SEP/OCT 2013, p. 12
1953.129 | 53.129 Embroidery from an Altar Frontal: Coronation of the Virgin. possibly 1459 MM DEC 2003
1978.45 | 78.45 Picasso, Pablo Still Life with Biscuits. Paris, 1924 CREAT ART AND SCI (citation), PAT, p. 210-211 (citation) JAN 1979, FEB 1981
1914.745 | 14.745 Amenhotep II Scarab New Kingdom or modern forgery EGYPTIAN (citation)
1914.778 | 14.778 Scarab New Kingdom EGYPTIAN (citation)
1972.69 | 72.69 Noh Mask: Waka-onna Muromachi Period 1392-1573 1000 YRS JAPANESE (citation)