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Accession No. Artist / Maker Object Title Object Datessort descending CMA Catalogues Bulletin Reference
1978.45 | 78.45 Picasso, Pablo Still Life with Biscuits. Paris, 1924 CREAT ART AND SCI (citation), PAT, p. 210-211 (citation) JAN 1979, FEB 1981
1953.129 | 53.129 Embroidery from an Altar Frontal: Coronation of the Virgin. possibly 1459 MM DEC 2003
2010.451 Artist of the Songye people, Democratic Republic of the Congo. Male Figure Possibly early 1900s CMAC, p. 35 (citation) MM SEP/OCT 2013, p. 12
2010.459.1-.2 Probably artist of the Ngbandi people, Democratic Republic of the Congo. Male and Female Figure Pair. Possibly early 1900s. CMAC, p. 38 (citation) MM SEP/OCT 2013, p. 10-11
2006.116 Artist of the Bembe People, Democratic Republic of the Congo. Plank Mask Possibly early 1900s. CMAC, p. 37 (citation)
1972.331 Artist of the Dan people, a population of farmers living in the border region between northeastern Liberia and adjacent to the Cote d'Ivoire. Face Mask Possibly early 20TH C. MM SEP/OCT 2014, p. 20
2013.6 Artist of the Hausa or Nupe people. Man's Tunic/Robe. Possibly mid to late 19th C. MM MAR/APR 2014, p. 26-27
1938.6 | 38.6 Artist of the Edo people, of the Benin Kingdom, Nigeria. Head Possibly mid-1500s or early 1600s. SOSAHARA, CMAC, p. 26-27, 31 (citation) MAR 1938, MM MAY 2004
2011.237 Lyon, Danny The Brooklyn Bridge Site Seen from the Roof of the Beekman Hospital, from "The Destruction of Lower Manhattan" series 1966-67. Printed 2007 MM MAR/APR 2012, p. 24
1967.24 | 67.24 Habermann, Franz-Xaver Ornament. second half 1700s DEC 1967