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1930.18.5.a | 30.18 Capital From the Narthex of the Collegiale de Saint-Mellaine de Preuilly-sur-Claise Mid-1100s APR 1930
1930.18.1.b | 30.18 Abacus From tne Narthex of the Collegiale de Saint-Melaine de Preuilly-sur-Claise Mid-1100s APR 1930
1989.50 | 89.50 Cloth of Gold: Winged-Lions and Griffins Mid-13th cent MASTAA (citation), SILK WAS GOLD (citation) DEC 1992, MM OCT 1997
1956.719 | 56.719 Viterbo, Carolino da, Pietro, Giovanni di [Master of the Ovile Annunciation] Virgin and Child with St. Jerome and St. Catherine of Alexandria Mid-1400s EUR PTGS -1500 (citation)
1997.92 | Li Cheng Buddha's Conversion of the Five Bhiksu mid-14th cent
1916.797 | 16.797 Anonymous Death of the Virgin Mid-1500s EUR PTGS 16-18C (citation)
2015.488.1 Terutada, Shikibu Pan Lang Mid-1500s; Muromachi period (1392-1573). MM JAN/FEB 2017, p. 11.
2012.53 Cesati, Alessandro (b. Cyprus). Portrait of Philip II, King of Spain. Mid-1550s CMAC, p. 180 (citation) MAR/APR 2013, p. 19
1951.329 | 51.329 Moretto da Brescia Virgin Mary with Infants Christ and St. John Mid-1550s EUR PTGS 16-18C (citation)
1982.131 | 82.131 Windy Landscape with Sailing Boat mid-15th cent MASTAA (citation) JAN 1983, NOV 1985