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2018.306 Biehle Jr., August Cleveland West Side, Hillside Houses. c. 1914-1917 MM MAR/APR 2018, p. 16-17
2018.32 Haseltine, William Stanley Traunstein River on the Road to Empfig, Bavaria. c. 1893-1896 MM MAR/APR 2019, p. 21
2018.33.32 Pope, Jr., Carl The Bad Air Smelled of Roses: Who R U 2 Day MM JAN/FEB 2019, p. 21
2018.33.85-86 Pope Jr., Carl The Bad Air Smelled of Roses: People Got More Unknown than Known in Their Minds. The Unknown is Great!" 2004-ongoing MM NOV/DEC 2018, p. 14-15
2018.34 Artist of the Yoruba people, Nigeria. Eshu Dance Staff. 1800s MM MAR/APR 2018, p. 9
2018.4 Geers, Kendell Twilight of the Idols (Fetish) 3. 2005 MM SEP/OCT 2018, p. 8-9
2018.5 Youmbi, Hervé Totem 01/01-18 (Baga-Batcham: Alunga-Kota). 2018 MM SEP/OCT 2018, p. 8-9
2018.7 Duchenne (de Boulogne), Guillaume-Benjamin-Amand; Tournachon, Adrien The Mechanism of Human Facial Expression, or an Electro-physiological Analysis of the Expression of the Passions Applicable to the Practice of the Fine Arts. c. 1856 (printed 1862) MM MAR/APR 2019, p. 24-25
2018.78 French, Jared Washing the White Blood from Daniel Boone. 1939 MM MAR/APR 2019, p. 17
2019.168 d'Antonio Manzuoli, Tomasso (called Maso da San Friano). Holy Family with the Mystic Marriage of Saint Catherine. c. 1560 MM JAN/FEB 2020, back cover