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Ingalls Library Reaches 500,000

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The Ingalls Library recently reached a significant milestone. On January 5th, I cataloged the 500,000th item to enter the collection. A four volume set entitled Moriyama Daidō zensakuhinshū, the complete works of Daido Moriyama, pushed the library's volume count over a half million. Not surprisingly it took over a century to reach this number. The first book accessioned by the library on February 16, 1914 was a Funk & Wagnalls New Standard Dictionary, published in 1913.

One Thing Leads to Another… candle pictures and knavery.

Describing a painting seen on the British Antiques show, my co-worker Marsha reminded me of a conversation we had about masters of candlelight painting, and of Godfried Schalcken in particular. Years ago I saw one of his paintings in, I believe, the Louvre. It was a small evening scene of men wearing big black Dutch hats, all seated around a dining table.

A.C.I. Art Catalogue Index

This index is the type of reference text that librarians and researchers rejoice over.  The A.C.I. was compiled and realized by Noelle Corboz and Cécile de Pebeyre under the direction of Marc Blondeau and Thierry Meaudre.  The subtitle defines it succinctly, "Catalogues Raisonnés & Critical Catalogues of Artists 1780-2008," and further, "Painting, Sculpture, Works on Paper, Prints, Contemporary Media."  Entries are alphabetical by artist name, with place and date for birth and death.  Bibliography proceeds chronologically from date of publication, with separation for genre.  De