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T.R. Ericsson's Crackle & Drag, Vol. 2

Submitted by Anne Trenholme on

Visitors to the recent CMA exhibition DIY: Photographers and Books (August- December 2012) organized by Curator of Photography Barbara Tannenbaum might remember a coming across a box housing 50 booklets revealing family portraits, documents, and other materials relating to the family of the artist, T.R. Ericsson. This is actually Volume 2 of Ericsson’s ongoing series, Crackle & Drag.

A January Anniversary

As winter blows outside the windows, my thoughts turn to the painting in our collection that perfectly encapsulates the solitude of mid-western life in this, the bleakest of months. Grant Wood's January turns seventy years old this year. The artist completed the work, according to a verso inscription, on 28 January 1941, despite a date on the front placing it a year earlier. The bleak subject matter of the painting, a frozen snowy landscape of corn shocks, dotted in the foreground with rabbit tracks trailing off, parallels the difficult final years of the artist's life.